General FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one Balancing Blooms Bach flower essence at a time?
What is the difference between a Bach flower essence and a Bach flower remedy?
How is Rescue Remedy related to the Bach Flower Remedies and Essences?
In-store distribution- Which Boots stores stock Balancing Blooms?

Our history 

When were flower essences discovered?
Who was Edward Bach?
How is Bach pronounced?
So what is Balancing Blooms®?
How do I take the essence?

Using our products 

How often should I use Balancing Blooms®?
How long should I use Balancing Blooms®?
Can I take too much?
Are there any side effects associated with flower essences?
The liquid is clear, whereas retail brandy is coloured?
I have an intolerance to alcohol/I am an alcoholic, can I use Balancing Blooms®?
Can I take Balancing Blooms® in conjunction with prescribed medicines?

Affecting health 

I suffer from hay fever, can I take Balancing Blooms®?
Can I drive and enjoy Balancing Blooms?
I’m pregnant. Is it safe to use Balancing Blooms®?
Are Balancing Blooms® essences safe for children?
I understand flower essences can be given to animals and plants. Is this true?
Where can I buy Balancing Blooms®?
Where can I find a list of Bach practitioners or a medical GPs who understand Bach Flower Essences and can prescribe the right ones for me?
Edward Bach was a homeopath before he discovered the flower essences. Are the essences a homeopathic medicine?
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