Give the Gift of Sensuality This Valentine’s Day

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  • 08 Mar, 2017

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Do not leave him or her in any doubt of your intentions this Valentine’s Day by giving a bottle of Balancing Blooms Sensuality Bach Flower Essences available at major Boots or online at

By Simon Turner 10 May, 2017
Balancing Blooms is a range of Bach Flower Remedies combining several flower essences sustainably hand made from wild flowers in the English and Welsh countryside. With the introduction of a new website  which is now mobile friendly, a flat £4 postage, packaging and handling fee has been introduced however many products you buy. So the more bought the lower the unit cost! And in addition, Paypal has now been added as the secure, consumer friendly payment option to pay either from your Paypal account or with a credit or debit card. The range of 9 combination essences are all individually £6.99 plus the £4 flat P&P fee however many you buy. They make wonderful small gifts such as for Mother's Day coming up shortly. 
By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

Flower power is a wonderful phenomenon. No, not the 1960s Hippy movement, although some of us remember that fondly in its early, innocent days. I am referring to the amazing ability of flowers to affect our lives.

When feeling angry and fraught or even with a migraine, I find walking among flowers, especially roses, and sitting and smelling the fragrance can calm me down and even cure the headache.

When feeling sad, the sight of a beautiful, delicate and colourful flower can bring a smile.

When feeling happy a roll among the daisies is fun!

The first snowdrop shows spring is coming and brings joy and hope for longer days. The daffodils proudly and happily declare it has come. Not only Wordsworth rejoiced at seeing a host of golden daffodils – we are all uplifted by the sight.

No wonder flowers are the first gift we think of for a sick loved one, a happy Wedding anniversary, a sorry or love offering – Interflora, 1-800 Flowers and all the other online florists could not be such huge businesses without the appeal of flowers. I even noticed when visiting my childhood village in England recently that the only shop still there after 50 years was the florist. Demand is constant through good and bad times, to celebrate joy and console in sadness.

In the 1930s, Edward Bach believed his method of making flower essences captured the mood, or spirit or energy of the flowers as he perceived it. His flower essences have been a joy and help to millions over the past 80 years – in particular his first five flower formula which he called his ‘rescue remedy’ (now a commercial trade mark of one company when capitalised) and I call “Crisis!” in my Balancing Blooms range of flower essences.

The range of Balancing Blooms Bach flower essences make wonderful flower gifts and are especially popular at Christmas and Mother’s Day. So when you want to release some of that amazing flower power and give a gift to a special person, including yourself, then consider giving a Balancing Blooms Cheer Up! or Balancing Blooms Calmdown!, or Balancing Blooms Let Go! for a grieving friend or divorcing workmate. Balancing Blooms Confidence! is great for performers or Getup&Go! for a sports woman.

We all need Balancing Blooms Peace at the end of the work day and a little Balancing Blooms Sensuality is fun.

You can buy Balancing Blooms flower gifts at

Let’s all celebrate flower power and share it with friends and family!

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

Do not leave him or her in any doubt of your intentions this Valentine’s Day by giving a bottle of Balancing Blooms Sensuality Bach Flower Essences available at major Boots or online at

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

If you have a mother you want to honour this Mother’s Day March 26, 2017 in the UK, then Balancing Blooms Bach Flower Essences are wonderful small gifts. They can be ordered online and mailed to her from  or bought at large Boots the Chemist stores. There are nine flower essences in the range as can be seen in the picture.

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

There is a fascinating article on the BBC website today at  which describes how scientists have proven that bees detect the electric signals flowers put out.

You never know, this may be the beginning of proof that flower essences are “vibrational” as some users and practitioners believe.

I certainly enjoy watching and listening to the bees as they buzz around as I make Bach flower essences in the English countryside, regardless of whether it is scent, colour or electricity that attracts them!
By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

If you follow this link to YouTube:

You will see a short video explaining how researchers at Stuttgart Aerospace Institute have identified the imprints flowers make in water when they are immersed in the water and left a time.

This confirms the same finding of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach did not have the powerful microscopes that today show that water holds these imprints but he did intuitively realise that by either floating petals on water in sunlight for hours or by boiling water with flowers he could perceive the positive spirit of the flower – or its essence – captured in the water. 

Today Balancing Blooms uses both methodologies as Bach directed to capture the essences of the flowers he successfully experimented with. The photograph shown here is of the cerato flower “energising” the water as essence makers describe it.

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

You probably know that Balancing Blooms have made and sold a range of convenient ready-to-use Bach flower essence mixes in Boots the Chemists in the UK for the past decade.

You may not know that Balancing Blooms is also an ingredient supplier to food manufacturers worldwide. We can supply Bach flower essences at any of the strengths they are made – Mother Tincture, Stock concentrate or ready-to-use dilution – in bulk quantity to candy, chocolate, soft drink and other food manufacturers who wish to put Bach flower essences into their products. We can also make the consumer ready-to-use bottles for retail chains under their own label if required.

Just let us know via the contact form on the website what your requirements are.

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

Balancing Blooms is an English Bach flower essence maker which not only supplies ready-to-use product in 20ml bottles to consumers through Boots the Chemists and online at , but also supplies food manufacturers in bulk.

Some of our ideas for where Bach flower essences can be added as food ingredients for innovation to appeal to natural product users (and in the majority, females use the essences) are:

1) Hard candy

2) Chocolate liqueurs

3) Spring/ Mineral water

4) Brandy and vodka

5) Juices

6) Smoothies

7) Chewing gum

8) Ready to drink herbal teas

There must be many more ideas that Bach flower remedy users and food manufacturers have. We would love to hear your ideas and to talk with any food manufacturers who would like to make their ideas reality!

By Blog Admin 08 Mar, 2017

Balancing Blooms Bach flower essence combinations make excellent last minute gifts. Buy Peace, Calmdown!, Confidence!, Cheer Up!, Get Up & Go! from selected Boots the Chemist stores before Sunday’s Mother’s Day. Just £7.99 a bottle and do not forget the everyday Boots promotion of buy 2 and get one free.

By Blog Admin 07 Mar, 2017

Gorse flowers being made into Bach flower remedy or essence near mother bushes in Lincolnshire in 2012 on a cloudless sunny late spring day- destined for inclusion in Balancing Blooms Cheer Up! Available at select Boots the Chemists and at .

The BBC reported this week two articles demonstrating the effect of climate change and diseases on flowers and trees which are part of the 38 Bach flower system, gorse and olive:  and

I have been making flower essences for Balancing Blooms Bach Flower Remedies or Essences for the past 13 years and have seen firsthand the growing effects of climate change and resultant diseases such as Dutch Elm or the new oak disease on the flowers in the Bach system.

It is so telling to read the dates of flowers being present in the 1930s in Edward Bach’s writings and when they bloom today. Almost everything is coming out consistently a couple of months earlier than in his time. However this latest event of gorse blooming on New Year’s Day instead of April/May is amazing.

You may say, what the big deal is, just make the essence on New Year’s Day. The problem is that gorse is meant to be made by the sun method where, as French chefs I am told when making vanilla essence, the flower petals are floated on spring water in glass bowls in hot sunshine for several hours to extract the essence (or imprint the vibrational energy pattern of the flower in the water depending on how you understand flower essences to work). The problem for the essence maker is that on New Year’s Day there is not hot sun for many hours in England!

I am fortunate enough to have made a good stock of essences over the years and can forego making gorse this year (unless there is a second blooming in the spring or summer). However the omens are not good in the long run. It is hard to find many elms in England today – oaks are under pressure of disease though still plentiful.

Other flowers such as gentian or water violet are very scarce because of climate change or, more often, agricultural practices where the use of chemicals or grazing of sheep instead of horses has destroyed their environment.

In addition, most of the land they still survive on is being designated SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and picking the flowers is not allowed. (FYI I only ever take a small number of petals from a single plant and colony in order to ensure its continued survival – never pulling up the root of the plant for certain).

With so many growing challenges, I am not sure if it will be possible for Bach flower remedy and essence makers to just make their essences in the UK in a few decades' time as Bach did (with the exception of olive and gorse which he specifically wished to be made in Southern Europe presumably because of the hotter sun and that area being the natural habitat of the plants).

We may be the last privileged generation to enjoy the benefits of the UK’s wild flowers which were prevalent in the 1930s. Something to cherish and be grateful for, but also very sad.

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