Bach flower remedy essences

Especially hand-made from wild flowers just for you.
The Balancing Blooms® range offers nine essences each handpicked in the English or Welsh countryside (apart from olive and vine picked in Southern Europe as Bach directed) and prepared using authentic methods, as established by Edward Bach and documented in his book ‘The Twelve Healers’.

His approach was also explored by his co-workers Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen in their 1964 first edition book ‘The Bach Flower Remedies Illustrations & Preparations’ which is the definitive book on flower remedies making today. 
Here at Balancing Blooms® we are passionate about Bach flower essences (commonly called Bach Flower Remedies). 

Each essence has been specially prepared using different combinations of the non-toxic wild flower or plant essences originally identified by Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Edward Bach believed that these essences captured the positive mood of each flower as he perceived it to be.

Simon Turner

Simon Turner

Managing Director

“I’m passionate about nature and in particular the English countryside. My favourite pastime is hiking over the fields and through the woods and meadows. In particular I am passionate about preserving the wild flowers and trees and their habitat which is now in great danger. 

My dream would be for the Balancing Blooms English flower essences to be a huge success so I could buy wild areas to preserve, or to return cultivated land to a wild state.”

The Bach Method:

Natural perfection in 3 simple steps

Step 1

We create a liquid ‘mother’ tincture - a process undertaken in two ways depending on the nature of the flower or plant:
The sun method
The boiling method

Step 2

We then preserve this mother tincture in brandy. 

This is called stock tincture.

Step 3

Finally we add spring water and more brandy as a preservative and to dilute the stock tincture to a suitable dilution ready for you to drink.
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